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Where did North Forty Pest Control come from? How did it get started?

         I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1964, with a major in Geology, and a minor in biology. I never used my major, but went to work in Corporate America, where I worked for 30+ years doing Production Control work at several different companies. I got laid off in 1992, and was out of work for a year and a half, got another job, and was laid off again after four months. At that point, I decided I wasn't going to be doing that anymore, so I started doing odd jobs and got a job delivering newspapers, so I could pay the bills.

          I had gotten into keeping honey bees in 1986, and one of the things I did was remove honey bee hives live from buildings. I started getting calls from people in late summer saying they had honey bees, could I come take them out. I would show up and find out they had yellow jackets, which are totally different from honey bees, and don't make honey, or pollinate flowers. I had to tell the people I coudn't help them, because I wasn't licensed to kill them. It only took about two if these calls to get that little light bulb to come on over my head. I asked myself "Well, silly, why don't you go get your license". So I did! After getting my license, I talked to a friend I used to work with, who had also got into the pest control business, and he suggested I also get my Nuisance Wlidlife Control License. I figured that since I had hunted, fished, and trapped for a good part of my life that I would. Got that license with very little trouble because of my background.

          My Grandson has joined the business and will be taking it over as I slowly retire. He is fully licensed by the State of Connecticut.

           So here we are today, with 20+ years under my belt, and a successful business. We enjoy helping people solve their pest problems. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated and one of our big "things" is educating customers. There is so much wrong information, and a total lack of information out in the public regarding pests, that I do my best to give people the correct information, and they are surprised to learn that a lot of times there is really nothing that has to done!

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