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Honey bees

Honey bees are extremely beneficial. They are pollinators that are extremely important to our food supply. If you come upon a hive in a hollow tree, have one in the structure of your home, or any other building, or come upon a swarm hanging from a tree branch, PLEASE don't attempt to spray them, or kill them. A call to a local beekeeper will solve your problem. If you don't know of any, you can call the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven, CT at 203-974-8479, and they will put you in touch with a beekeeper.

Stylized honey bees which actually look a lot like the real thing

Swarm in a Yew bush

Activity around a honey bee hive in the wall of a house

Swarm on a tree trunk

For more information on Honey Bees please visit our web site

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