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Small Household ants

There are several ant species native to Connecticut which can be a problem for homeowners. These ants are very small, not large like the big black Carpenter ants which are covered separately. They are commonly called "sugar", "sweet", or "grease" ants. These ants are just a nuisance, since they don't do any structural damage, although they can contaminate food if they get into it. Typically, they are found on counter tops, in pantries, and cabinets where food is found. The species most commonly found in Connecticut are the odorous house ant, the pavement ant, and the pharoah ant. Some of these are easy to treat, and others are difficult. A professional should be called because the spraying, with an over-the-counter spray, of some of these species will result in the nest dividing into two or more nests, thereby just making the problem worse. Undetectable pesticides must be used, and these are not available to a homeowner.

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