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Skunks are not typically very destructive and don't do much damage, unless they start digging up your lawn looking for grubs. They may get into an occasional garbage pail or may wander into a spot they are not wanted but they pretty much prefer just to be left alone to go about their business. They are, however, #3 on the rabies carrier's list, in Connecticut, right behind raccoons and feral housecats, so they should be treated with respect, especially since they have that ability to spray that we are all familiar with. Normally, they only cause a problem when they decide to live under someone's deck, barn, or shed. The problem is usually nothing more than the odor. They don't climb well so they will never get into attics, etc. They usually will not spray in an enclosed area, such as under a deck, etc., but they will spray out in the open if antagonized enough. The final warning sign is stamping of the front feet. Skunks give birth in early to mid-May to an average of 6 young.

Striped skunk

Hole dug by a skunk to make a den underneath a house built on a slab.

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