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Snakes are extremely beneficial, and are not a threat to anyone. They won't attack you, or chase you!

      Give us a call, and we will remove and relocate them for you, if possible, or give you more information about them.

Eastern Gartersnake

Milk snake

Three light yellow or white stripes running the length of the body; dark body with whitish flecks in a checkerboard pattern.

"Y" or "V"shaped mark on top of head. Whitish gray body with reddish brown and tan blotches with black borders. Black and white checkerboard pattern on the belly.

These five snakes are the most common in Connecticut

Northern Watersnake

Body color darkish gray or black with alternating faint bands of brown or gray; banding more visible in young. Cream colored belly patterned with reddish-brown crescent half moon shapes. This snake is NOT a Water moccasin or Cottonmouth and is not venomous.

Northern Ring necked Snake

Dull blue gray or black body; yellow neck ring; bright yellow belly.

Smooth Greensnake

Brilliant green color, thin body.

Northern Copperhead

These two snakes are the only venomous snakes in CT, and are extremely rare, and very rarely seen. They are not aggressive, and will lie quietly while you pass by merely a few feet away!

Copper colored body with brown or reddish bands wide on the sides and narrow on the back. Head is much wider than neck.

Timber Rattlesnake

Rattle at the end of tail; head wider than neck; large stocky brown, black, or yellow body with dark "V" shaped bands

Other Connecticut Snakes:

Eastern Wormsnake

Eastern Ribbon Snake

Northern Black Racer

These snakes are very uncommon and are rarely seen.

Eastern Hog-nosed snake   

These used to be called "puff adders" because of their habit of raisng their head and neck when threatened, flattening their neck like a cobra, and opening their mouth and hissing. If that fails, they roll over on their back and play dead. If you roll them over, they will roll back over on their backs! I challenge anyone to get one of these to bite them. It won't happen!

Northern Red bellied Snake

Northern Brownsnake

Black Rat Snake

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