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Spiders! These critters can strike fear into the hearts of many people, but they are essentially harmless. There are not a lot of options for treating for spiders that would not become very costly. The best solution is to keep clutter to a minimum, keep spider webs cleaned up, and your vacuum cleaner handy. Make sure you limit the numbers of other insect in your home, so that spiders have alimited food source. We hear ocassionally of people being bit by Brown Recluse spiders. Most of these reports are not true, because the Brown Recluse is not native to CT. A Brown Recluse bite can cause an ulcer to form that is very hard to heal. While they are not native to CT, there is always the possibility that some can get here, if they happen to be the household goods of someone who is moving here from the spider's native range. For the rare individual who gets bit by a spider, there can be a wide range of reaction to the bite.

Brown Recluse spider - One identifying mark is the violin shaped marking on the thorax

 Range of Brown recluse spider

Garden spider

Two of numerous species of house spiders

Daddy long legs spider - numerous species - totally harmless

Wolf spider

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