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North Forty Pest Control Co., LLC

Serving Western Connecticut since 1995

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Our philosophy is to use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) as much as possible, as few pesticides as possible, and to handle wildlife in the most humane way possible, while always abiding by state laws. We do not do monthly, or quarterly contracts, unless requested, because they are unnecessary and result in unneeded pesticides being spread into the environment. We will give a guarantee for a certain period of time in most cases, depending on what the problem was. We have tried to make this web site as informative and educational as possible. We hope it helps you and you will contact us if you have a problem, or want more information.

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We come from the old school of customer service. We return phone calls, answer your questions, show up on time, and will return at no additional charge, until you are satisfied. We believe in "The Golden Rule"!


        We are pleased to announce that Founder of the company, Jon Quint, is pretty much retired and the business has been turned over to my grandson, Jordan Hill. He has been working with me for over three years and is quite capable of handing anything pests may throw at him. I am still available to talk to customers, and provide consultation to Jordan. The company is in good hands. Thank you for all your business over the last 25 years or so, and I hope we can continue to serve you.

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